Life some is where in between of things

Life some is where in between of things, we don’t say and its elusive. Its like a wind or a sound. We want to grasp it but yet for a moment and its gone. She doesn’t belong to us.

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A letter from an atheist to a Christian friend.

It is so liberating to know that there is no God. And this word has finally become useless and obsolete.

Deep down inside you know it.

But as soon as you say it, at first your brain breaks thru a layer of fear and you feel a bit of a shock, but then you feel free as never before in your life. Say it with me – THERE IS NO GOD.

Feel it?

It is a little taste of freedom…

It’s just you, before this vastness of life and simple questions of living…

Keep on looking for the answear you need because you know them all.

And even all those that you want.

Desire is the essence of living.

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Where are the fucking normal people?!

Where are the fucking normal people ?! What a fuck happened to the world ?! These days u can’t be normal! Its eather  you  are in one bull shit or the other.  You’re almost have to be in some sort of teaching all the time. It is eather some sort of religion or movement or some other shit. You cant talk normally to people any more.
Everyone are using somebody elses will and brains. Fucking bullshit, people are fucking stooped and are fucking slaves. Fuck christianity, fuck judaism, fuck islam, fuck buddism, fuck self help and all the fucking formulas to life. What a fuck happened to you?! Yes I am talking to you. What a fuck happened? Whats wrong with being just you, just normal. Can’t deal with presures of this life – you are not the only one. But its not the reason to go fucking get nuts and messed up your brain. Stop for a moment and think about it.  Or let go and give a solution some time. Humans flew around the moon! Did you know that?!  For goodness sakes you can find a solution yourself without the help of all those isms and formulas.  Some bad shit randomely happened to you.  Why the hell you are looking to the carma ?! This bad shit randomely happens to everyone some time. You are not mr or mrs special.  And if some religion is telling you – you are, than its bullshiting you to own your brain.
Fucking Jupeters cock!  This world is getting stoopeter by the hour, some times by the secound.
But no… I know what it is. It is not that we are getting stoopeter we are getting weacker, we believe in our ability to do shit ourselves less and less. I don’t know why… I am not smarter than you are.  All I have is my thoughts.  Perhaps this weackening is due to the implimintation of the gmo foods and bunch of other reasons that are turning people nuts. I don’t know.. may be its always been like that.

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sound of youth

I hear a new wave
it slowly crushes over my shors
it brings a fresh waters from the open sea.
men, men
– many men!
searched for this deep but couldn’t find it
because they searched for it to consume it upon their own lusts
but this generation has found it to share, has found it to share,
share – its all it takes !

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All the answears

All the answears.

via All the answears.

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All the answears

How is it that you can put a few words together and become famouse?  What is this art of being you?  When your mind, soul and body is all working as truly one body.  I looked in the window recently and thought — my goodness this world as it is!  There is just this world that I can see and my heart in it.  And I spend it on things I don’t like.  As if I have another life to live. What is this — a casino?!

More like confusion between who you are what you were taught about yourself.  Things you accepted to be true before you came to know who you are.  I might raise more questions than answears and some times the right questions is all you been looking for, after all.

Because they are all in you. All the answears you been looking for.

Ask questions and look inside.

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Lines and Reflections

Juha Lappalainen photography

Lines and Reflections

f/36 | 20 sec | ISO 50

It’s nice to experiment with a zoom lens. For example, this ordinary evening lakefront scene turned out quite interesting at the 200mm focal length.

Date taken: 25.6.2014 | Location: Ylä-Rääveli, Pertunmaa, Finland

Comments and feedback are appreciated.

(Click on the photograph to see it in a larger size)

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