Girls, guns & old people

We do not honor the old people. We don’t.

Perhaps we think they are old fashion, perhaps we just afraid to face reality.

But perhaps we just don’t want to face that we too one day will be old and when we face them maybe on sub conscience level we too understand that one day we will be old.

Well. I realize how fragile is time by how many of the old people are still alive around me, in my family circles or maybe just my neighbors who are old. And than one day when you still think tomorrow tomorrow and than they are gone. And you didn’t even get a chance to see them and tell them how wonderful and how truly beautiful they are and what they did for us.  Life.. shared together means more than words. And all you are left with, now, is a void, of time, of unanswered questions, and forgotten memories, and maybe I say just maybe, if you cry long enough, and no body will see, it will go away. No pain, or maybe it is pain. Of miss understandings, hurts, healing s, life shared together means more than words – life is fragile, so darn fragile.

Cherish it now. For tomorrow… there might not be tomorrow for them.


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One Response to Girls, guns & old people

  1. rommel says:

    It’s true. We turn our blind eye when it comes to old people. Deep inside we are troubled and disturb because of their reminder that we’d be there someday. Brave insights. *Thumbs Up*

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