Space and time

Have you ever felt trapped between the past and the present. I have.  I feel so now. My past of which I don’t want to let go and my future that is not yet here.  I hate to jugle between reasons.

I realize that I am very very complicated person.  And little things effect me more a lot more than the big things.  I also realize that just like this word program is focused to correct my mistake so am I focused to correct little things about my life to make it look pretty but missing a point still.

Meaning.  How do we relate.  We relate without meaning, most of the time we do.  So many ideas get in the way and we lose it, we lose meaning.  Our heart is not attached to what we say and do.  Only some times it does.

We didn’t learn to count things how much they weigh against the soul.  We went to the wrong math class.

You know I’m better at poetry.

But writing is easier for me.

How is the weather today? – In my town its worm and cloudy, partly cloudy and partly sunny.

I love this weather its not like summer and its not like fall.

Today is my day and every day is..

But sometimes its preachy and I don’t agree with it.

Do you?

Now that’s a first real question in this blog.

Do you agree with your day sometimes or not?

Because its changing your mood and you loved the one you were in


Because we were comforted after we were afflicted and we remembered

Our soul remembered.

Than we are afflicted and comforted again

So we learned.


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