Walk alone. And free thoughts.

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the new theme, for me.


Walk alone?  When is the last time you walked alone. Today, yesterday, maybe last week? Not so often these days.

I thought about what my life would become if I walked alone more often, I thought, and I haven’t found the answer.  Until this simple evening with a coup of mint tea and my favorite TV series Californication, I slowly drained into so called meditation.  I realized that I did not walked alone more often is because I did not see how important it was for me to walk alone.  I simply did not see the fruit there of.  I was using it simply to relax and to dream maybe but so carelessly and mindlessly I did it not so often, as if I still had the time, as if I knew what is up with life.

My god!  What a pride.

So many mindless days went by going the wrong direction.  What a pride.  What a miss conception of ideas, a blend of misery.  Arrogant s!

How many days went by without knowing, without living.  Without understanding.

Maybe walking alone is a simple act, maybe.  But all worlds collide when you walk alone.

Your past, your present, and your future is all in one place – it is all in one state.

It is in you.

In that state you are a simple observer.  A traveler that is passing by.  Taking a book from the space of your mind and reading it and than putting it back on the shelf.  Ha, an idea, no not mine, I would rather have this one or that one.  You decide.  And sometimes great ideas come and grab you and take you places.  Than putting you back where you were and letting you be by yourself.  A universe.  With dimensions thru it.

Some times I can walk alone in a city full of people and be at ease and some times it depends on the weather but you can still find a spot if you really want it.  And than you got good at it and it is a matter of minutes before good ideas find you about a place and a time when you will talk to you again.

Doesn’t sound so crazy when even in the Bible you find God talking to himself in many places and on different occasions.  Why?  I don’t know I am not a theologian.  Perhaps he did not have any one else to talk to at the time, no one shared his opinion and he needed that expression, a release and maybe I do it for the same reasons.

Alright, time to close.  Come back next time, maybe I’ll have something good to say.



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2 Responses to Walk alone. And free thoughts.

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  2. Erik Conover says:

    I can relate. I consider myself an observer of the human condition. Great post. Keep on writing!

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