Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps – a great film that puts family values right where they always were, in the center of reality, but also shows other realities that some people tend to ignore.  I am not going to talk about money right now because this is more evident subject and this film clearly portrays that.

But I would rather talk about systems that people create and the rest of the public is using them and no body, yes no body asks any questions until all the systems are working properly.  People are going to work, paying taxes, use banking system and trying to get rich in the process of it all. And when this golden calf deal collapses back on their heads, everybody is looking someone to blame, someone to crucify and to pay for their sins.  But it is you Mr. and Mrs. America who bought these three homes you couldn’t afford, oh yes I made sure you could have your signature on them and you were more than willing.  These were some of the basic dialogs in the movie.

Let me ask you dear friends who is more guilty those who fool people or those who are being fooled, the right answer for me is both.  Both of them wanted to get rich.  Ask yourself where were you before and during the crisis of 2008?  I am sure making deals, I did.  And most of the people I knew did, my dad for sure, he invested his hard earned savings into a brand new home that were being built in Florida, than he sold it on the market for nothing.  And I helped a family signed a loan that helped them loose their home when the market went down.  This is a picture of us all.

Who to blame?  Bankers of course, the Rockefellers, the Rothschild, somebody but not me, no, I was simply a victim.  And at this point I almost hear hey man this is what the bankers want you to think, but I don’t don’t care about the bankers because I know we are all in this pile of shit together.  We were all drinking from the same cup and this cup is called creed.  The only difference my friend between me and the bankers is that they are smarter than me so they were able to fool more people than I did.  This is all.


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