All the answears

How is it that you can put a few words together and become famouse?  What is this art of being you?  When your mind, soul and body is all working as truly one body.  I looked in the window recently and thought — my goodness this world as it is!  There is just this world that I can see and my heart in it.  And I spend it on things I don’t like.  As if I have another life to live. What is this — a casino?!

More like confusion between who you are what you were taught about yourself.  Things you accepted to be true before you came to know who you are.  I might raise more questions than answears and some times the right questions is all you been looking for, after all.

Because they are all in you. All the answears you been looking for.

Ask questions and look inside.


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4 Responses to All the answears

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  3. rommel says:

    Some deep contemplations here. And given the right time, and/or opportunity, I’m sure something inside will come out and you’ll find some answers.

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