What is love?

What?! You are twenty five and you are to answer the greatest question of all time, – what is love?.  No, no, no sir; you are too young, it is the portion of the old experienced men who at the sunset of their lives will sit in their rocking chair and wispier an answer of the ages.  And maybe even write it down somewhere, so their children and grandchildren may one day be able to pick it up and read it.

Well I do have such a gran pa who left me one great inheritance so I will know the truth and perhaps in his greatest dreams for me may be free and independent creature like himself to live in the world.  And not feel guilty about anything but to be able to give and to live in this world but not of it.

Today, you know how it is today, right?!  It’s all the same story – all time.  And the answer has always been the same.  And love has always been the same.  In fact it never gone, it never went anywhere, it was always here.

Time and time again love has proved us to be there for us every time we chose her.  You may ask and rightfully so, because you are right in the middle of this, in the middle of this whole mass you stand.. and fight, so asking why do you fail is an excellent question my dear friend, brother, or a passer by.  Were you supposed to win??!! Were you hopping to get something out of this. Or not!  Tell me!! Tell yourself!!! If you were supposed to win, I want you to hear it, answer it loud so you will hear yourself.  I wanted to win.  (!!!)

Were you still hoping to get something out of this when you finnally put yourself together to do somethig good for someone.  You were looking for something were you?  No?


That is important.  You were a man or a woman when you did it.  You felt human, finally.

And all the world did was, yes ofcourse, nothing.

Yes! Say it loud now.  Absolutly nothing.  No reaction.  Nothing.

That wasn’t the answer you were looking for, that is if you were looking for an answer in the first place.  And if you weren’t.  Than you might as well be the liky winner of the good sameritan “proposition.”  I called it proposition on random because it is more rightful word for me.  Closer to the word position.  Where you stand.

If you been lost latly and don’t know what to do.  Let me help you but just a little tiny bit, ok.

The world around you is not going to change, it may change its form but never its nature.

And if you will fight for love than love in turn will fight for you.  Yes she will.

And when she does she will met you half way and tell you that its ok.  You don’t have to suffer this.  Turn to love and love will turn to you.

Love will always find its way.


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  1. kirill says:

    big Thank you to every one who liked my post. I did not expect so many like, and three is a lot for me since I am not used to so many likes in such a short period of time. You guys are the first crazy bunch who liked my stuff. I did not plan this one, it was very spontaneous.

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